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chiropractor, massage, electric stimulation, ultrasound, adjustment, back pain


          Prior to your treatment, modalities will be used to help loosen and heal joints and surrounding tissues, such as ice, heat, electric stimulation or ultrasound.*


          Electric stimulation utilizes passive contractions of affected muscles in order to exhaust said muscles so they don't continue to cause pain. Muscles are immense pain generators and can often mimic nerves or discs when in spasm. Electric stimulation, in combination with a heating pad, will help to bring more blood flow to the injured area to facilitate healing and loosen tissue, thus maximizing muscle work and spinal manipulation outcomes.


           Doctor Kelsey and doctor Madison also utilize ultrasound for treatment of certain injuries, as it is especially effective in treatment of extremity injuries. Ultrasound is a therapy capable of delivering a penetrating, deep heat into tissues to promote healing and diminish pain.

          *There are some patients who are unable to receive certain modalities. A full evaluation will be done prior to utilization of any modalities or treatment.


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