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          Chiropractic has proven very beneficial for various health problems and musculoskeletal conditions in infants and children. Chiropractic is a safe, effective means for treating children as it results in virtually zero side effects and is conservative in nature.  Treatment of a child is much different and more gentle than that of an adult, primarily incorporating vibration and low-pressure massage techniques.

          One area in which chiropractors have been very effective in utilizing spinal manipulation is in treatment of ear infections in infants and children. Cervical manipulation often allows horizontally-oriented Eustachian tubes in infants and children to drain more efficiently, which prevents infection.

           Likewise, because of the positive impact chiropractic manipulation has on the parasympathetic nervous system, chiropractors are often able to aid in other ailments such as allergies, ADD, acid-reflux, colic, and insomnia, as well as musculoskeletal disorders such as torticollis. Doctor Kelsey has vast experience in treatment of both infants and children, having adjusted babies as young as a day old.

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