Lunt Chiropractic and COVID-19

         Attention current and prospective patients:


to answer your questions, YES my office will remain open at this time as I am a medical office with essential appointments. The International Chiropractic Association, NYS Chiropractic Association, and NYS Department of Health have all classified chiropractic care as an essential element to healthcare. We are considered Primary Care Physicians according to Medicare guidelines and are able to offer first point of contact care for patients suffering from pain or injury, thus helping to keep patients out of Urgent Care centers, doctors offices and hospitals. Musculoskeletal conditions account for the second highest population of patients seeking care at primary care offices and emergency rooms. We are practicing extreme caution and heightened sanitary practices in accordance with the CDC recommendations in the office in order to keep everyone safe. It is at the patient's discretion when it comes to making or keeping scheduled appointments at this time, though we still respectfully ask for as much notice as you are able to provide if you need to cancel an appointment. We also ask our patients to only seek care on an acute/ symptomatic basis in order to avoid unnecessary public exposure at this time.  If you feel as though you need chiropractic treatment or are suffering I urge you to call the office and we can discuss your individual needs or concerns. If you call and there is no answer, please leave a message and we WILL call you back, as we have slightly modified our hours. We are still requesting that anyone experiencing illness of any kind to please stay home, and to abide by the "no visitors policy" we have enacted during appointments. We also ask that you stay home if you have been exposed to any sick person within the last 2 weeks of making your appointment. I have also started spacing appointments in order to keep person to person contact to a minimum. Though patients are rarely made to wait in our office we are also offering the option to wait in your vehicle until you receive a call that you are ready to be seen. There are very few options existing for people experiencing pain, discomfort, and injury- all of which still occur during a quarantine. As such, I am trying to be available to those people who need me, including our healthcare workers and law enforcement officers as well as everyone else on the front lines continuing to work in often hazardous situations. Please have some compassion for those putting their own health at risk to serve others and try to remember these points as we, as a country, work together to get through this ❤

        -Dr Kelsey Lunt and staff

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